We here at Land View Landscape are in the process of planning our vegetable garden this year! We have ordered our seeds and gathered our tools we will be posting short how to videos to Youtube so stay tuned!

We here at Land View are planning our vegetable garden! We ave ordered our seeds and tools and will start planting our seeds, indoors, next week! We will be posting short how to videos on youtube so please check back and see how we are progressing!


I just want to remind everyone to turn up the water! You should deb watering 6-7 days a week 3 times a day for healthy plants and lawn. The SNWA does not want us watering between 9am-7pm. Please eel this inn ind when you are setting your clock!

Do not fertilize during the hot months or you risk the danger of severely burning your plants and lawn.

Do you need an irrigation check?

Contact our office at 702-616-8928.

Stay cool out there!


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