Las Vegas & Henderson Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance helps you to enjoy our beautiful Las Vegas climate. Let's face it our primary non renewable resource is time! We hire people to maintain our lawns or clean our homes, wash our cars and clean our pools because we do not want to squander our time doing it ourselves. Landscape maintenance is a way to protect your investment. Would you take your Mercedes to a cut rate dealership to get a tune up? Of course not you would choose a qualified mechanic to maintain your investment. Landscape Maintenance is a similar investment. Land View Landscape is a fully licensed and insured landscape contractor in addition to being a landscape maintenance company. Land View Landscapes maintenance crews are all knowledgeable about irrigation, lighting and plant care. Our crews can check and repair your irrigation, we can do it on the spot and we do not need to send another technician out to delay the repair. Land View Landscape offers weekly, bi weekly and once a month maintenance.

Land View maintains commercial and residential landscapes.

What is included in our maintenance? We cut your grass on each visit in the spring and summer it may be every other week in the late fall and winter as the grass becomes dormant. We edge your grass, we blow your debris and collect and remove it. We check your irrigation on each visit, we weed and prune the shoots off of the trunks of your trees. We trim your shrubs and check for pests or disease. We can check your lighting also but this is by request. We reset your timer each quarter per the SNWA requirements, for part time residents we will need to make access arrangements if your timer is located in your garage.

How do you bill? We bill at the beginning of the month of service due by the end of the same month. We prefer to email your bill and we can put your charges on a credit or debit card if this makes things easier for you. We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash.