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Pavers are a wonderful way to add charm and value to your landscape design.

Pavers are great for patios, walkways, driveways and seating areas. The beauty of pavers is that in addition to looking great them can be moved, we have had several instances where maintenance customers have had leaks under their pavers we just remove a section of pavers, repair the leak and replace them, there is no cutting involved! Pavers will not crack, as concrete can, if the ground settles and if there is a stain for instance leaking oil on your driveway the pavers can, again, be pulled up and replaced. Pavers have a rustic beauty and come in a variety of colors and design. Pavers also generally have a matching or compliment retaining wall stone that will add to the beauty of your project.

We have been installing pavers for over 10 years and my crews have several years of experience on top of that! Here are some pictures and a couple of websites to check pavers out. Pavers can be cut to create a free form and can be used in straight applications. We can create steps with lights and raised patio sections, we frequently raise the patio sections for home that have a view and need a little more height to reach the view elevation. Pavers are commonly used around BBQ areas and as driveway extensions on either side. We can also install lights inside of your paver walkway for additional appeal. Please contact us today for a free estimate on your project in the Henderson Las Vegas area!